Southern Charm
& Good People

About Us

Here at Southern Shore Outfitters, you are family! Without our family, we would not have success and strength. We appreciate you tremendously and want you to know that you belong here. We take pride in delivering amazing customer service, and quality products. This company is local to the Alabama Gulf Coast. It is truly southern to its core. Southern comfort and style are our specialties. All of our products reflect the vibrant southern culture along the Gulf Coast. Take a piece of that southern culture with you where ever you go. We can assure you that you will fall in love with Southern Shore Outfitters because we already love you!

Southern Shore Outfitters started from the ground up. I grew up watching my mother work three or four jobs just to care for my brothers and me. I hated watching the struggle she had to go through, which only worsened with the death of my oldest brother in 2008. Growing up amongst these circumstances lit a fire within me. This gave me a passion to strive to grow up and be successful to allow for my hard-working mother to be comfortable. I have always had an affinity for my brand. As a child, I would sell candy at my elementary school and daycare. It was then I knew I was destined to become a business owner to make my mom and family comfortable. At just 15 years old, I desired a job so I could start making money to provide and help with things around the house. At times, I would work two to four jobs to become successful. Now, my aim to do that is by starting Southern Shore Outfitters. Southern Shore Outfitters is a brand for all southern people. We represent the values, customs, and culture of what it means to be southern.

DeMarcus Darrington
Founder and CEO


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